Trees for a Better Tomorrow

People globally do cherish comfortable lifestyles and this cannot be disputed at all costs! Governments spend billions all over the world to achieve environmental threshold. However, these exercises have never been easy to carry out. Global warming campaigns have been anchored over the last two centuries, especially in the most developed countries in the entire world.

In developed countries like the USA, Japan, China and other like-mind nations, tree planting and natural forest protection has been given super priorities. We need to emulate the same.

At Dedan Kimathi Foundation, we believe that nature has blessed our planet with all types of trees, both indigenous and non-native ones. We only need a sense of humanity and take care of the tree species now and for ages to come. Our environmental conservation team has over the past week been planting trees in Tharaka Nithi County. We have also been conducting educational seminars for the young generation in both primary schools and their counterparts in secondary schools. The bottom line here is to make our environment quite conducive! Let us be together and gift nature back, by preserving it.