Dedan Kimathi Foundation was founded and fully registered in the year 2017 with an aim of high-lighting issues centrally concerning the lives of freedom heroes and their immediate families across the country, without any tribal prejudice as the organization believes the freedom of this country was attained collectively by Kenyans. We uphold the recognition of other groups who equally suffered the claws of colonialism that left many Kenyans dead. Our key major interests in our time of creating this organization was;

To cater for the interests of independence war-veterans by;

  • Harmonizing all the groups associated with the Maumau struggle.
  • To seek ways and means for resettlement of landless Maumau heroes and their immediate families across the country.
  • To cater for the welfare of war veterans society and come up with modality on how to improve their lives economically.
  • Devise new mechanisms on how to feed and clothe the elderly, seek ways and methods on how to mountain their health matters across the country.

In reference to the above organizations objectives, Dedan Kimathi Foundation therefore appeals to you all potential state holders, to come forward and give us any possible support. We thank you all in advance.

The Larger Scope

Subsequently, the Foundation saw the need to expand its scope of operations to embrace other social concerns not only associated with the veterans but adversely affecting communities across the whole country.

These includes:


  • Tree planting
  • Seed beds

Environmental conservation

  • Town clean-ups
  • Dump Sites management
  • Protection of water catchment areas
  • Environmental degradation by harnessing activities to deter soil erosion

Social Welfare and Philanthropy

  • Operating a children home for the destitute
  • Supporting other children homes
  • Donating relief food for the hunger-stricken country-wide
  • Medical care, visiting and feeding the elderly
  • Mentorship programs for primary school children