Trees improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe. Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe. Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.

We live in an era influenced by humans to the point that the Earth’s systems are now altered. In addition, a majority of the Kenya’s population live in rural areas. To meet the needs of people in a changing world, Dedan Kimathi Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for the rural communities. An effective strategy to assist in improving the living standard is by planting and protecting trees, especially in places where the majority of the people live.

On Monday 12th September 2022, Our team participated in a tree planting exercise held in different primary schools in Kipipiri sub county. We always involve the young generation in the tree planting exercise because we believe that tree planting can restore global warming protecting the planet for our children and grandchildren.