World Goes Green Through Dedan Kimathi Foundation

Not only has Evelyn Kimathi received accolades and plaques from the government and NGOs in recognition of her philanthropic work but she has also been a frontier in helping the poor and the needy in the society.

As the 21st century flips through thick and Dedan Kimathi Foundation (DKF) has been applauded for its formidable world class performance in tree planting exercises. Evelyn Kimathi, the CEO DKF has proven to be a woman of her own class, stature and above all, the world’s today prof Wangari Maathai, the legendary conservationist icon the world recognized and awarded handsomely. Evelyn’s tree planting exercises have not only caught the attention of the Kenyan government but also beyond the country’s boundaries.

DKF has so far planted over 2 million trees seedlings across the country. More than 3 million trees seedlings are expected to be planted by DKF in association with other like-minded conservationists by 31st October 2021. Many primary schools in Kinangop through the influence of DKF and partners are now taking part in these tree-planting exercises. Every pupil will be entitled to plant at least one tree, whereby that pupil will also be responsible for the growth and protection of that single tree.

Evelyn has proved to be a world class go-green crusader, whose both leadership and stewardship at DKF need not to be under-estimated. She has vowed to continue with tree-planting programs and shall not relent neither pause for a breath. Her shining philosophy will forever remain a leading light for us to follow.