A Daughter’s Urgent Plea for Closure

On this solemn day, we commemorate the execution of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi, an event that unfolded 67 years ago on February 18th. As we reflect on this poignant anniversary, let us honor the memory of a man who sacrificed everything for the cause of freedom and justice. May his legacy continue to inspire generations to come.

In my earnest appeal to the government, I implore a prioritized and swift search for my father’s remains, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi. As his daughter, I carry not just familial ties but also the responsibility of preserving his legacy and fulfilling the collective yearning for closure within our nation.

Reflecting on the Impact

The absence of my father has left a profound void in our family and in the memories of all Kenyans. Resolving this historical controversy is paramount, not only for my family but for a nation seeking healing from the scars of its past.

Symbolic Justice in Expedition

Expedition of the search and exhumation isn’t just a practical necessity; it symbolizes an act of justice. It is a commitment to rectify past wrongs and a tribute to a man who sacrificed everything for the freedom of his people.

A Unifying Call

My appeal goes beyond familial boundaries; it echoes as a unifying call for justice. Swiftly finding Dedan Kimathi’s remains isn’t merely recognition for one family but a crucial step in acknowledging the sacrifices of countless others in the fight for independence.