Combating Solid Waste Pollution


Solid waste contributes to about 20% of greenhouse gases emissions escalating climate change effects. It is a demanding area of attention as there’s is great need in reducing, re-using and recycling plastics which form the greater component of the solid waste.

Improper waste disposal creates health hazards as illegal dump sites arise and pollute air by producing odor while rain water sweep the waste to rivers and other water bodies posing water borne diseases dangers. Water animal lives are also lost.

In our unending desire to combat climate change, Dedan Kimathi Foundation joined Dagoretti Greeners CBO based in Dagoretti and the City County Government of Nairobi to clear an illegal dump site established by locals in Dagoretti South. The site, sitting on the only public cemetery in Kirigu area has been an eyesore extremely bothering the Nairobi residents who utilize the facility to rest their beloved ones in addition to the wind blowing the waste all over.

During the exercise, the participants noted that most of the households do not segregate their waste creating a need for a door to door waste management sensitization to reduce the Improper disposal.

Dedan Kimathi Foundation continues to champion for all round environmental conservation to lower carbon footprint. “We have a duty to ensure our environment is protected from solid waste disposal by putting in proper waste collection and disposal measures. The county government of Nairobi ought to establish multiple waste collection points to serve the already grown city population,” stated Dickson, the Foundation environment conservation team leader.