Planting Trees for a Greener Earth

#DKF’s Tribute to Dedan Kimathi

In our journey to heal our planet, Evelyn Kimathi and the team at DKF (Dedan Kimathi Foundation) are on a mission to make nature’s dream come true. Our Earth has faced a lot, and it’s time for us to give back. At DKF, we’re always working hard to bring back the green glory to our beloved planet.

This week is extra special for us as we remember Dedan Kimathi, a hero who fought for justice. He was executed 67 years ago on February 18th. To honor him, we’ve planned something meaningful – planting 67 trees at Kahiga-ini Memorial Park.

Why trees? Because they’re like little superheroes for our planet. Each tree we plant is a step toward making things better. It’s not just about remembering Dedan Kimathi; it’s also about doing our part to make the environment healthier.

Kahiga-ini Memorial Park is where we’ll create a living tribute to Dedan Kimathi. Those 67 trees will be a symbol of hope and a promise to take care of our Earth. We want everyone to think about how we treat our planet and join us in making a difference.

So, let’s come together and celebrate Dedan Kimathi’s legacy by planting these trees. It’s a small act that can lead to big changes. By doing this, DKF hopes to inspire others to care for our planet and keep it green and thriving for a long time. The time to give back is now, and with your help, we can make it happen!